photo by jack martin

photo by jack martin

King Cuddy self-released their debut LP, recorded by Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, Constantines), in Sept of 2016 in digital and 12" vinyl receiving coverage from Exclaim!, CBC and Alan Cross. Their ramshackled and honest songwriting is written in the vein of Kevin Morby and Daniel Romano and has been compared to Tom Petty and The Byrds. Jangling guitars, 3-part harmonies, trumpet and over-driven keys defines the band's take on their traditional set of influence. 

King Cuddy Glenshee Recording.jpg

We tracked completely live over three days in the same physical arrangement that we wanted on the record. This allowed us to use mic depth to establish reverb and space in the mix and give the record the live tones that fit with our actual performance. 

We did a test run at Andy's to understand what we were after. He made some suggestions that we go and spend our pre-production time playing the record together in the same arrangement. We took four days up in a stove-heated century cabin near Orillia called Glenshee working out our kinks. The time spent on pre-production really helped us maximize our time with Andy in his old carriage house called The House of Miracles. 

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We spent a lot of time reading and speaking to people to understand the vinyl pressing process and worked closely with Lacquer Channel and Canada Boy Vinyl (RIP) to press our debut LP. A very close friend and internationally renowned illustrator, Pete Ryan helped with the art which has found its way to over 40,000 collective arts labels

Following our release, we rented a garage in Bloordale and built our own rehearsal space, club-house and recording studio. We are using it to experiment with the recording process and define our next approach for our second LP.  We recently acquired an old 12-channel Yamaha mixer and a couple reel-to-reels to which we are currently recording demos on.  We are excited to have a hands-on approach to recording to ensure that our live sound comes across in the best way possible on our next LP.